Use data to increase employee wellbeing

Location analysis

X Device and tools usage

= Flexible working policies in practice

Support flexible working

A positive and supportive culture is a key attribute of any high-performing organisation. So it is important, as workplaces adapt and change, to maintain focus on employee wellbeing and engagement.

These things are increasingly difficult to gauge, however, as businesses adopt hybrid working practices, involving more people working from home and flexible working patterns that help employees balance work-life demands.

Maintaining happiness and ensuring employees feel connected and supported is now front of mind and polices and technology have been put in place to enable more flexible working. But understanding practice vs policy is essential to know if good wellbeing and engagement levels are being maintained.

Tiger’s software helps organisations understand important people interactions that have now become a key priority for all leaders and managers. How people are communicating and engaging with collaboration tools may be one indicator of productivity, however, one of the ‘softer’ benefits of our software is that it can also provide early visibility of any people not interacting; those who may be having difficulties working remotely.

Flexible working data

We give you the information you need to monitor how people are working and help them maximise the benefits of your flexible working policies, including:

  • Location
  • Device use
  • Tools adoption
  • Duration of interactivity
  • Time of day
  • International vs local interaction
  • Team comparisons

Business outcomes

Near real-time analysis of this data will help you:

  • Promote flexible working practices
  • Facilitate remote and flexible working
  • Provide training on remote working tools
  • Boost employee engagement
  • Increase employee wellbeing and happiness
  • Further job satisfaction
  • Attract talent
  • Drive workplace performance
  • Become a recognise supportive employer