Use data to assess your
tech investment

User and customer demand

X Bandwidth capacity

= Effective routing and cost management

Technology upgrade management

Technology evolves, the workforce rotates and expectations change. All these factors must be considered when it’s time to discover, analyse and invest in new technology.

It’s essential to understand whether the infrastructure you have today is sized correctly, whether users are satisfied and if they are embracing new capabilities.You also need to verify the business case you’ve built for your technology investment and change; prove what capability is lacking, what level of expansion is required to adopt services and how you can measure performance of your pilot programme and full-scale roll out.

Tiger workplace analytics provides insights on the large datasets generated by Unified Communications and telephony users every day and is analysed to helping you understanding how technology tools and infrastructure is being used to serve customers and fulfil business processes.

Technology utilisation data

We give you the information you need to plan system improvements and
make informed-decisions on where to prioritise spend, including:

  • Traffic peaks and troughs
  • Network bandwidth
  • International call demand
  • Least cost call routing
  • Network service quality
  • Tools adoption

Business outcomes

Near real-time analysis of this data will help you:

  • Understand current usage
  • Identify areas to improve service
  • Replace old technology with smarter capabilities
  • Provide new services to employees to help them work
  • Gain visibility of employee activity
  • Reduce complexity and number of software applications
  • Increase employee and customer communication capability